Friday, September 4, 2009

All Dressed Up AND With Somewhere To Go

Scott and I recently traveled a bit to spend time with Adam as his new unit had a Farewell Ceremony.

When we first arrived at the fort we met Adam in the parking lot. As we entered the actual fort the Patriot Guard Riders had formed a line on either side of the walk. They greeted the soldiers as they passed and thanked them for their service. They then formed a semi-circle around the parade grounds for the ceremony which consisted mainly of speeches from the commanders, Governor and Senators.

I'm not sure how this Rider was able to see where he was going.

We were able to visit with Adam for a couple hours on the parade grounds prior to the ceremony. Then afterwards the soldiers were released for the remainder of the day. We went out for a late lunch/early dinner and spent a few more hours hanging out and buying books. Finally we had to drop him off at his hotel and say goodbye. :(
He will probably get a long weekend pass before he ships out, so should get to see him at least once more. :)


Anonymous said...

Neat that you and Scott could spend time with Adam. Love, Pat

Karen said...

...what a handsome man Adam is....especially in the uniform!

Col said...

Its nice to know that the men are honored for their service!!

laugheveryday said...

I already told Sarah that I'm adding him to my prayer list.

Chi-Town Bound said...

My friend is a MSgt in Cherry Point, NC. He will be deployed to Afghanistan. It still amazes me that the last time that I saw Adam he wasn't even in high school yet! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family!!