Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Girl Quilt & Doll Quilt

Ready to bind.

The little girl quilt (36" X 36")

Close up of quilting.

Both Quilts

The Doll Quilt (12" X 12")

Close up of quilting on Doll Quilt.


Karen said...

omg, I heart it! You r so fast!!! What a great idea to make the dolly quilt too!

YFA said...

They are really beautiful.

Cara said...

Kathleen, you do such nice work! And you get so much done! Are you a magician?

Col said...

You are amazing. To think it was just Saturday that I was using the squares as a cushion for my hand!

Kathleen said...

Thanks! It didn't seem so fast to me. But I was tickled to get them finished - so cute.