Friday, May 15, 2009

A cook

When I win the lottery, I'm going to have a live-in cook.

Wait, I like my privacy. The cook will have separate quarters but be available for any meal. And she should get plenty of time off so she still likes her job so there will have to be at least two cooks so they can switch off.

Anyway, the cook will fix me a hot breakfast. Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast buttered all the way to the edges. Or waffles with strawberries. Or a Denver Omelet (or do you say omelette?) with English Muffins. And she is going to cut my grapefruit for me: in half, and around each piece so it comes out effortlessly with a spoon, a little sugar sprinkled on it, and a cherry in the center. Just like Mom used to do.

In the mean time it's cereal, toast and orange juice. Sometimes because I'm lazy. Sometimes because I want to hurry up and get on with my day and not waste time cooking. Also, I LIKE cereal, toast and orange juice.

The cook will also be in charge of remembering to buy the orange juice.


Karen said...

....ur so ur dishes....I like my toast buttered all the way to the edge makes the crust taste so much better...I gotta go get something to eat. Have a great day!

Cara said...

what Karen said. She gets up earlier, so she always comments first, with the same thought.

Anonymous said...

Hmm-now what would I do for fun if I had a cook? What would I do to de-stress? Now I know there are times in recent years when I come from work when I'm to tired to cook and I guess it would be handy then. I can't imagine someone cooking for me regularly. I can easily imagine someone cleaning up after me though. I can make the most collosal(sp) messes with little effort. There are times I try three things on before deciding what I going to wear. Someone has to hang that stuff up. I've used all my time getting ready. Same with cooking. I sit down to eat my wonderful creation and then there is a big mess to clean up from the preparation. Oh well-one can imagine! And by the way-I like my toast buttered to the edge too. My grapefruit, I like to peel and eat like an orange. I better head to bed before I think I need to eat. Love, Pat
P.S. I just thought of something I'd really love and that is someone to exercize vigorously for me, while my body shows the result. Hey maybe they could show restraint in eating and have my body reflect that too! I think I've stayed up to late!

Karen said...

.....go to bed, mom!