Saturday, May 9, 2009


Mary made a lovely flower arrangement lickety-split for Kathy & Jay's deck. I know they will think of her whenever they look at it. Colleen showed us some great pictures that are eventually destined for a scrapbook.

Sarah finished a shirt and made several baby leg warmers . . . . little legs! I worked on my little girl quilt - those are pieces on the couch.

Karen & Col . . . mmm - food time.

Kathy made TONS of bracelets . . . and for a good cause. She sure notices the details; she's very particular, and quick.

Karen worked on her quilt idea book (good idea - my ideas are in scraps scattered all over) and Amy made several pages for a vacation scrap book - they looked great. Karen and Amy played nicely together with the shared scissors.

Colleen gave us all pretty post it notes to hang on the fridge. And Karen made us each a personalized goody bag. I already used the magazines for inspiration. I'm rationing the sweets 'cause the scale has been nice to me lately. I have a bit of chocolate in the middle of each sewing session . . . could life be any better?
It was a fun day. Thanks for hosting, Kathy.


Karen said...

A grand time was had by all....lets do it again in the fall!

Col said...

Did you say fall? Darn I need to organize the toliet paper rolls so they are all facing the same way