Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To clean or not to clean

No work outside the home today so some housecleaning should be done, I suppose. But can I really eliminate this reminder when it brings a smile?

Judging by the height and size it must be Zak's. I think I'll quilt instead. If anyone stops over unexpectedly we'll avoid the family room and I'll steer them towards the living room.

The list said "buy flowers for neighbor" but I couldn't resist a few for our house.


fairymadjo said...

your flowers are soo prety, jo

Karen said...

.....quilting over cleaning......did you even have to think for one second about it?!?!!!!! Quilt away, auntie!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Karen-create beauty and of course keep that hand print for awhile. You know how hard it is to get a perfect hand print like that? At preschool, it takes two of us plus a somewhat cooperative child! The flowers are lovely-food for the soul. Love, Pat