Thursday, November 20, 2008

The G-O family

Where's my transporter? - I wanna visit for a few hours. So sweet and growing so fast.


Anonymous said...

96 hours works for us at southwest airlines- don't forget to bring Brown- dogs can fend for themselves (we leave ours all the time)

Anonymous said...

They are adorable. When I was down there a couple of weeks ago Jim commented that the baby looks like Wendy did as a baby. I had been thinking the same thing. It's amazing how that works-especially since I always thought she looked like Wayne. There is no resemblence in this picture tho. We will be heading there on Thursday AM for Thanksgiving. We've had lots of wild turkeys around here the last year but we haven't figured how to catch one for dinner. Yuk, what would we do with it once we cought it? Think we will stick with Jim getting the turkey from Trader Joes. Love, Pat P.S. I commented on this picture the day it appeared and somehow lost the comment befor I sent it. I was tired and unwilling to write it again. That happens sometimes. I better get ready for work. It's my 7:30 day.