Saturday, November 15, 2008



That's another of my favorite words.

Such strong feelings that word can evoke. I remember home when I was a kid. It was home when Mom & Dad were both there. It was home when my older "moved out" siblings came for dinner. I remember feeling bad for Mom & Dad 'cause they couldn't go home to their parents house and how hard that must be. I couldn't imagine moving out and not living with Mom & Dad.

Well, things change. Now, home is where Scott is. It feels more like home when he's there. Home is having all the kids & grandkids come visit.

Home. I really like that word.


Karen said...

oh auntie, I love that you're such a sap! Keep blogging....your entries are very sweet. Love your new header....are those flowers from by your home?

Kathleen said...

The flowers are from Spring before I finished my planting... they were left and needed to get in the ground but, lazy me.
Your mom said don't worry and just enjoy them even if they are planted and now I'm enjoying them on my blog! And sap? yes indeedy.

Kathleen said...

This sap is heading for Sunday breakfast.... a favorite phrase .... a sense a post coming on.