Monday, October 13, 2008

Quilt Day at Decorative

Karen and I quilted at Decorative today. Hey, I could really start to enjoy going to "work"! It was fun to sew and talk and talk and sew. We started with a simple block and it sure looked pretty when Karen finished it. Buggers! I forgot there's math involved! But we did okay. . . we kept the apples and oranges out of it and finally figured things out.

Sewing . . . fun.

Cutting . . . need lots of concentration, as you can see.

Pressing . . . the reward . . . the blocks turn out so pretty.

Thanks for meeting at Decorative today Karen - I enjoyed our morning.


Anonymous said...

You were sewing with one niece and I was APPLE PICKING with the other.


Kathleen said...

Cool! We want to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey-way to go girls! Now why didn't you think to use Decorative like this years ago? Fun to see Karen at her new craft. Where are the pictures of you Kath? Glad I turned on the blogs when I came in from my meeting tonight. Got my family fix. Coop is a great advertisment for bananas! Love, Pat

Elaine Adair said...

Is she pressing that block with a towel over your cutting mat? Do you do that often? Any negative effect on the mat?