Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lunch and a Good Book

Yesterday it was eleven days since I've seen any grandkids. Oh how I miss them!! But I got my fix. After working at Decorative I met Sarah and Cooper for lunch on my way home. It was so good to see them both. Cooper is walking so well... he no longer does the Frankenstien walk with the arms stretched out and the walk so stiff - it was really cute while it lasted. He walked all the way to our table, smiling at everyone along the way. When I'm eating alone I enjoy reading a good book while I linger over my meal and it seems Cooper feels the same way...

First it was "mmm, fruit"
" Hurray Mom! How did you know that's what I wanted?!"
Then the book... "this looks interesting."

"I think I see where this is going..."
Ok, so there's a few differences between Cooper and I when it comes enjoying lunch and a good book.
But we do both enjoy them together. So very good to see Cooper and we get to see him again Sunday along with Zak and Caycee! Yippee!


Sarah said...

I love those pictures. He is a character, isn't he?

Anonymous said...