Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Package

A few days ago I walked to the mailbox to collect the bills. 
But wait! It's not a bill! 
It's an unexpected package all dressed up colorful like. 
(I wanted to wag my tail!) 
Even had a pretty, quilty picture on the front.
(Should have been a clue.)
 And the back was decorated too.
You know I was smiling and I hadn't even opened it. 
What was inside?
It was kinda squishy.... but a crunchy squishy.

A puzzle!  I love puzzles!
A country scene with a house I'd love to live in, quilts, and horses!
The housework won't go anywhere if I do a puzzle instead.
Actually I used it as a bribe.
Made a list of chores.
Each finished chore was rewarded with puzzle time.
Win, win.

Thanks Karen!!!


Jackie said...

We used to always have a puzzle going on the dining room table (we have an eat in kitchen). Somehow we got away from that. After the holidays, I might just start one up again! Thank you for the reminder!

Pat said...

That is a terrific-looking puzzle!!! What a nice surprise for you!

Anonymous said...

I think you have the bestest niece. I love puzzles! they are so relaxing!

Karen said...

I can't believe it's done already!!!! Ur fast!!!! There seems to be something missing.......

Kathleen said...

I DO have the bestest niece.

And, yes, there does seem to be something missing! Sorry! Checked the envelope twelve times... the floor, my pockets, the bag it came in, under the table topper, on top of the ceiling fan blades, I don't know where else to look. I keep looking around on the floor expecting to see a soggy bit of cardboard that one of the dogs has decided isn't so tasty after all.

Karen said...

....hmmm...always best to expect the unexpected....especially if its a puzzle from the thrift store ;0)

Anonymous said...

Puzzles, yeah! I dug one out the other day, this kind of weather is good for puzzles. Yours is a pretty one. What a whiz you are, I was going to suggest that I help you with it when we come in for Christmas....


Sharon said...

Oh! I love puzzles too and have one similar to yours!