Monday, November 1, 2010

10 years ago...

An afternoon out would be spent hiking through the woods with Scott.
Now its a drive through the country.... farm fields all around - sometimes a few trees if we follow a creek.

Exercising meant a two or three mile run.

Now its a walk for a mile or two.

I'd walk up the long steep flight of stairs at Decorative every weekday morning eagerly anticipating a fun day at work ;)

(really, I was thankful for the job and a great boss)
Now I'm there on the computer while still at home at my desk.
(still thankful for my job and a great boss)

I'd spend weekends hauling Beau to gaming shows so we could run barrels (but never quite fast enough).
Now I watch him graze in the pasture when I drive past the farm.

I wondered if we would ever realize our dream of getting our own horse farm.
Now I have fantastic memories of doing just that.

I wondered if my grown kids would find jobs and live on their own.
Now they have and they do.  
And I miss them.

I also wondered if they would bless us with grandchildren.
Thanks be to God, they have blessed us with five awesome grandkids... so far.
(the 'so far' is on the number five.... they'll always be awesome)
(and no, that's not a hint that there are more on the way. I'm just saying...)

A run through the woods on horseback was the exhilarating highlight of my week. 
Now its a hug from a grandchild as they say "I love you".

I didn't worry about my sons going off to war.
Now they have been there and come back, by the Grace of God .... whole in body, mind and spirit.

I thought "we already have two little dogs, what's the harm in a few more?"
Now I think "what were we thinking?!"

I wished I could someday make a quilt.
Now I quilt almost daily.
And love it.

I'd think "if I could just lose 10 pounds I'd feel a lot better and that sweater I like so much would fit.
Now I think "if I could just lose 15 pounds I'd feel a lot better and there are more sweaters that would fit.

Coffee was my favorite beverage and ice cream was my favorite food.
Now coffee is my favorite beverage and ice cream is my favorite food.
Some things don't change.


Pat said...

Great post......I think a lot of us can relate to various parts of it. Have a good day!

Karen said...

Oh your post.

A couple of thoughts:
Your boss thinks you are great too and loves you a lot...I'm thankful to have him as my dad;)

I have a feeling their will be more grandchildren ;)

Go to the thrift store and buy some roomier clothes that are more comfy....from what I've been reading lately, being 10-15 lbs over what you are 'supposed' to weigh is just fine. Just keep walking.....most days PAST the Dairy Queen;)

Coffee and ice cream are mainstays;)

Love you.....from the girl who wore the apple dress ;)

rae said...

This is a great post!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love this: "then and now"... you're right; even when nothing is the way it used to be there are those things that don't and won't ever change!

Nanato4 said...

I love this theme ... I might have to give it a whirl one of these days. ;-)

I'm a grandma and a quilter, too (I also am a member of Quiltville) ... I'm so glad I clicked on your link to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Blog Kathleen. Love, Pat