Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quilt For Kids From Stash

After making a Quilt For Kids from a free kit, I'd been meaning to make one from my stash for months. On family craft day I finally started .... and foolishly bragged to Karen "oh, I'll finish the top today" - she knew better.

There was just enough focus fabric for the big squares and binding.... a 2" x 2.5" piece was all that was left.  And I used that to test the "fancy" stitch for the binding.

The quilting pattern was something I'd been wanting to try.... just horizontal lines of varying lengths looping back and forth.  I'm glad I tried on a small quilt because it really wasn't much fun to do and didn't look as cool as I imagined.  It looks ok but certainly is not a favorite.

I found the perfect place for taking pictures of quilts when the weather outside isn't good. The sunroom has lots of light and big walls. I just need to fine tune the hanging. This quilt isn't nearly as wavy as it looks.


Karen said...

....and oh how I laughed and laughed when u said u would finish it before I left......then I was really impressed by how much you did get done...ur quick!
I like the quilting.
The quilt looks great against that wall.
I still haven't sent my quilts yet...I really need to do that.

Foster Momma said...

Great job! I think you did a great job.