Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Am Grateful . . .

for these two people . . .

My computer became critically ill last week.  I didn't think it was going to make it.  And, of course, I was going to back up everything next week.  I've been saying that for so long.  Scott has been reminding me for longer. I thought we lost everything.  But Chuck to the rescue!!!  It's healed!  And because of the scare and because of Chuck's gentle nudges and him telling me our DVD drive thingy is a great one (it's been unused for a LONG time) we now have all of the photos backed up!  Now to get the data files backed up.  hmmm, I wonder if those might be more important than photos.  But I know losing the photos would hurt more.  Plus Chuck fixed an older computer for us and did some extra stuff that I have to read about again a few more times to really understand enough to thank him for it.

And sweet niece Karen . . . when Sarah was in labor two weeks ago (was it really only two weeks ago?) but not yet ready to go to the hospital, Karen drove to Sarah and John's and checked on her. Sarah and I both thought it was kind of neat that Karen's mom was with me when I was in labor with Sarah, and here her daughter was with my daughter (insert warm mushy feeling here).

Then Karen went to visit the new mom and new baby and big brother a couple days later and brought dinner and played with Cooper (lots of outside fresh air for Cooper so he went right down easy for his nap) and snuggled the baby.  And little reassuring tips for the new again nursing mom.


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Karen said...

...aaawwww shucks....I'm so glad we're golly, I'd like u guys even if we weren't;)...and you're right, my guy is pretty awesome! Thanks for the thanks...we are blessed!