Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Family Weekend

Not this weekend, but last weekend, Jim, Mike and Mom all came to visit.  Jim was in town from CA for just the weekend and he drove all the way down here for one of the days!  And Mom said it was a long, long drive.  Mike was the driver in his spiffy new car.  So what did I do when they got here?  I put them to work - shame on me.  First we had coffee and I had bought some sweet rolls to soften them up.  But Mike brought bakery sweet rolls so we had his instead.  We sat and talked awhile and then I sprang it on them.  "As long as you're here do you think you guys could help me move something into the basement?"  Silly boys said yes without looking to see the something.  It was a big two piece sideboard / hutch thingy. Nice heavy wood.  It's been taking up room in the sunroom as it just doesn't go in the dining / family room.  I realized last week that it would be perfect in my sewing room for fabric.  I'd been trying to figure out how to move it myself if I couldn't wait until one of my boys came to visit. I'm pretty sure if I put it on a dolly and headed downstairs it would've been a wreck.  Heck, just getting the top piece down and on the dolly would've been a wreck. So, Mom visited with Scott and I put my other guests to work. And I love it down there.  I haven't filled it yet (busy quilting) but it's just right.  THANKS GUYS!!!! 

And while they were in the basement looking around (this was their first visit since we moved from the farm to town) one thing led to another and they were replacing our back-up sump pump.   That I did NOT mean to happen, but they wouldn't let us wiggle out of it. I think Jimmy was the mastermind and Mike was the backup.  We so appreciate it.  Nothing like peace of mind.

Hamburgers and salads for lunch, but by then I was wishing I had bbq'd some steaks!

Then Sunday we all met at you know where for breakfast . . .

Jack was pressed into service as the morning's photographer. Thanks Jack!

He brought his Grandma Penny.

We were gathered to visit with Jim since he was in for a quick visit (and it's been a while!).

But we were also celebrating Mike's big birthday (did I mention he is my older brother - I just hadn't realized how much older).

Trish . . .

and Kevin hosted and treated everyone.

My favorite younger sister was there with Alyssa.

Donald was there.

That was Terry earlier giving everyone "bunny ears".  He works so hard that when he gets a day off he has to cram in as much fun as he can.

After breakfast it was back to Mom's for more conversation, laughs and sweets.

A good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

How nice to see the pictures of everyone and to have you write about the visit. Mom was so pleased with visiting your home and seeing you and Scott. I had been hoping you would would mention it on the blog. It's nice to have a little group visit. While having everyone together is wonderful, it's difficult to really visit. With a small group there is time for everything. Often it's the ideal time to pitch in and do a project also. Thanks again for posting the pictures. Love, Pat