Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

All the kids came down for the weekend and we celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. It was wonderful to have everyone together. We had fun, lots of laughs, too much food, and lots of desserts. Adam's cheesecake was delicious as was the pumpkin cheesecake his friend Eliana made and sent down for us. The "adults" played video games and looked pretty funny doing it if you didn't know what they were doing.

Sunday morning Coop & Zak enjoyed some time with Adam. They seemed pretty happy up there for quite a long while.

Then Caycee wanted to join the fun...

Monkey girl livened things up.
It was a great weekend and wonderful to have a holiday with everyone together without work or anything else keeping one or more of them away.

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Anonymous said...

GDI I lost my comment again. I'm really to tired to be on the computer. Looks like a good time was had by all. Adam looks especially happy with the children. Great that your home accommodates everyone. Also fun when someone else gets on the cooking bandwagon. Cheesecakes-YUM!Love, Pat