Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ice Storm

We didn't get much snow this time and only a couple inches were on the ground from Tuesday's snow. But we got lots of freezing rain. The trees were covered and all the branches weighted down. When I went out to inspect the damage (carefully - making sure I didn't go under any trees!), every few minutes you could hear limbs snap and then the crackling of the ice as the limb fell through the tree to the ground. Plunk. What a sight.

Worse than it looks... really heavy limb with lots of parts, resting on the roof and on the inner pen for the dogs. The dogs are stuck in the inner pen for a few days because another large limb fell on the outer fence taking down a couple sections.

Not as bad as it looks. The trees limbs just kept sinking lower from the weight of the ice and are resting on the truck but it doesn't seem to be damaged. Once it all melts (May?) the truck should be free. We may need a new parking space.

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Karen said...

Omg...that ice is crazy!Hope the dogs are ok. Love your wood your the clever one!