Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Friends Mini Quilt

This is my quilt for the first round of the Flickr Mini Quilt Exchange.  The theme was New Friends.

I used neutral fabrics and Friendship blocks for the background.  And then two appliqued flowers that are the same but different.... kind of like friends who have interests in common but each brings something new to the friendship.

It needed a little more so I used floss to add bits of grass and added glass beads around the edges.

My new friends and I have at least two things in common.  We like quilts and I have a feeling we all have a tendency to procrastinate!


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Lois says in her best Bob Ross voice: "Happy flowers"

So true... we are all alike, yet different. That's what makes us human. Like I used to teach in my company diveristy program, People are like pizzas, basically the same, but with different toppings. Think of how boring life would be if it were just plain cheese pizza!

Karen said...

...very sweet. Saw this in it. i like the beads you added :)

Elisa Black said...

It came out great!!