Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family At Easter

All the kids came done for Easter this year.  It was great to see them all together and listen to them talk.  Old stories had to come out again and be retold for the benefit of Adam's girlfriend as it was the first time she was at a family gathering. (Poor Nancy)  And we had our first official kid's table.... and they wanted to sit at it!  We'll see how long that lasts. 

But before dinner we had an Easter egg hunt . . .

 All the kids managed to find enough eggs to fill their baskets.  Except Dexter.  He got sidetracked when he realized there was candy inside. 

Then it was time to move on to our arts and crafts project. 
A large piece of MDF was left over from making a shelf for the living room.  I primered it before the kids got here.  An old bag of Scott's uniform shirts that I had never gotten around to throwing out made great smocks.
 All dressed and ready to paint!

 We had crayons and markers and colored pencils but everyone chose to use paint.

 I plan to cover it with polyurethane and add legs.  It'll make a great kids table for next time they are here.

The two youngest weren't quite as entertained by painting as the older ones.  They moved on.
 "Hop on Dexter! I'm going that way!"
 "You're a little slow.  I think I'll walk."

 After Lynzee and Caycee got some scrapes and some bandaids, Caycee and Cooper decided the stone deer needed some first aid and bandaids.

Gramma wanted a group picture with all her grandkids.
It was a whole lot easier sitting down in this thing than it was to get out of it.... a tight squeeze!

 Dexter showing off... he can walk on the wall and drink at the same time.


Col said...

What wonderful memories you created!! I love your picture with the grandkids.

Karen said...

omg....great photos! Where do I start?

Scott's shirts...great idea! Stole the pic.

The kids are getting HUGE!Especially Lynzee! Love the red hair!

So glad they all came down.

You write funny posts.....love 'em!

Maybe Dexter is ambiDEXterous ;)

Cooper wroter his whole name....backwards....awesome!!!

The pic with u and the kids is great!

I hope the stone deer is ok.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures-wonderful to see all the kids. And as usual everyone is growing so much. I particularly liked the one with you and the kids. I saw it on Facebook first and couldn't figure out how to comment. Actually, I often have trouble leaving a comment on here too and when it doesn't take the first time I don't redo it. Love, Pat

Cara said...

Adorable pictures! Love the blue shirts on everyone!! Looks like you had a very hoppy Easter!

Very clever use of drain tiles, too.

Elisa Black said...

Love your photos and captions! Looks like a wonderful Easter!