Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amy's Quilts - Part 2

When I was first learning about quilting by watching Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson, many of her guests would say "listen to the quilt".  While that sounded nice I thought they were nuts.  Now I know better.

This quilt said, loud and clear, "Light green. Lots of loops but not in the squares. Stars in the squares, please."
I listened.


Pat said...

OOOOO...very sure did listen to this quilt and both you and the quilt knew what was PERFECT for it!

Foster Momma said...

This looks amazing-I can't wait to have it at home to see it in person!!!

A funny story about this quilt-I worked so hard to make sure that no two of the same colored blocks were in the same row-now that I see your pictures I see how terribly I failed at this! Oh well-I think it's beautiful regardless! Thanks again, Kathleen!

Karen said...

You always were a good listener :)

Gorgeous quilt,Amy!

Cara said...

Wow, you sure have been busy. You make me feel like a slacker! And you do beautiful work!

kirsten said...

Boy did you listen! Looks great.