Monday, August 9, 2010

Project Quilting - Black & White Challenge

Challenge Rules:

Must use black and white. 
May use one other color. 
Finished piece may be 3D but must NOT be square or rectangular.

I've been wanting to do circle blocks for a few challenges now so here was my chance.  I decided on seven circle blocks... six blocks surrounding one in the center.... all laid out on a scallop-edged circle.  Not being sure what block to use, I made several different basic blocks for a sampler look.  A rich Moda Marbles Red would be the third color.  I added little strips of the red to the blocks also.  Anywhere the black and white would have laid next to each other is a strip that's less than a 1/4" wide. 

My biggest problem was trying to figure out how to make the circle shape symetrical.  I experimented with a large sheet of wrapping paper and thought I had a pattern but it was a bit too small.  Since I had gone to the edge of the wrapping paper I couldn't go any larger with an entire pattern so I made a pattern for just one "petal" of the shape - one sixth of the total.  I played with paper and fabric until I found a way to fold the fabric in six equal layers so the petal shape could be used to cut through all the layers and create the whole piece.  I was pretty excited to figure this out.  I'll be using this technique again.

The blocks are fused to the background and I thought about zigzaging around the edges with red thread but then decided to add Fun Fur to jazz it up.  The quilting is echo quilting along most of the red strips.

So.  Jazzed up? Or ready for a bordello?!

To make it dual purpose, I added fabric loops at the indents of the scallops and sewed little metal rings at the outside edge or the rounded parts.  Then several strands of Fun Fur was braided through these.  Turn it over, insert bottle of a favorite beverage (no, not pop!), draw up the Fun Fur and you have a unique hostess gift.

Party Sampler!

More project entries can be seen at Kim's Crafty Apple and at Flickr.


Pat said...

WOW....what a creative person you are. I love it as a party sampler on your table!

Melissa said...

I can't believe how much difference the fun fur made! I love it!

imquilternity said...

VERY clever!!

YFA said...

Great idea, I like the texture.